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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"No Place Like Home"

After seven days in the hospital, Tyler finally came home Tuesday evening. It was good to be home. Tyler had struggled with changing the meds from his epidural to IV to oral. Monday when they started the oral meds, Tyler had problems and spent most of the morning throwing up before they changed to a different med. It was a setback that he was able to overcome. Monday was very interesting as to Tyler's neighbor. Dave ended up having his appendix out and was in the room next door. We were all wondering when the bad things would quit coming to this family. Tyler is doing a lot better now that he is home and able to eat real food again. Thanks to our neighbors and the members of the ward for their help while we were gone and getting settled when we got home. We really appreciate our families for taking care of the yard. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers in our behalf.

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