our last good bye

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"No Place Like Home"

After seven days in the hospital, Tyler finally came home Tuesday evening. It was good to be home. Tyler had struggled with changing the meds from his epidural to IV to oral. Monday when they started the oral meds, Tyler had problems and spent most of the morning throwing up before they changed to a different med. It was a setback that he was able to overcome. Monday was very interesting as to Tyler's neighbor. Dave ended up having his appendix out and was in the room next door. We were all wondering when the bad things would quit coming to this family. Tyler is doing a lot better now that he is home and able to eat real food again. Thanks to our neighbors and the members of the ward for their help while we were gone and getting settled when we got home. We really appreciate our families for taking care of the yard. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers in our behalf.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

What a wonderful way to spend our 6th anniversary, together in the hospital. Tyler did make some gains today, he had his epideral pulled out of his back and then had the foley cathiter removed. Tyler has been up and moving around on his own power, which is really good. He still has not been able to pass gas and cannot move on to eating more than clear liquids. Every little thing is good. We have been up walking atleast four times a day, and each walk is getting longer. Today was also Susan's birthday and all of the family, except TyAnne, came to the hospital to have cake and ice cream together. It was fun to spend time with everyone. They picked a good place to be, so Ty could be there too. TyAnne has one tooth that has broke through and three more that could breakthrough at anytime. She is such a blessing to us and gives Ty something to look forward to everyday. The poor little girl is having a hard time being with her daddy because she knows something is wrong, but still loves to give him lots and lots of kisses. We want to thank everyone for their love and prayers and the support that we have recieved. Heavenly Father has been pouring out blessings already. We know that He is watching over us and is helping in this process. We need to rely on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to make it through this struggle. The Atonement and priesthood are such great blessings that everyone can recieve. Thanks again for all the prayers and thoughts. I helps to keep moving in the right direction, forward.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What a day...

What a day yesterday was. Tyler's surgery didn't go quite as we expected. When the surgeons got to the tumor they found that it had gone through the colon and into the stomach. That obviously complicates the situation. They had to take the lower part of his stomach along with approximately two-thirds of his colon. He has what they call a "midline incision" which means he will have a "wicked, awesome" scar. Needless to say, he didn't get the tummy tuck he had asked for. He also ended up with an NG tube and a catheter both of which should be classified as "cruel and unusual punishment." He has an epidural catheter in his back for pain management and it seems to be working quite well. He was able to stand at the bedside a couple of times yesterday and even took a few steps in his room. Hopefully the catheter and NG tube will be removed later today so he can rest better. The fact that the tumor had spread now makes the cancer a stage IV and so the treatments will have to be much more agressive than we had originally planned. We are still waiting to talk with the Oncologist after he receives the pathology reports. Tyler has received several beautiful Priesthood blessings and we recognize that our Heavenly Father will determine the course of events. Tyler is strong and determined and we have great support from our families and friends. We have had so many thoughtful gestures already and we appreciate them so very much. Please remember us in your prayers and thank you for all the love and support that you have show to us. "Don't quit when the night is darkest it's just a while 'til dawn."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I guess we never know...

I guess we never know what challenges life will hand to us. Our lives were going along quite uneventfully until the end of May when Tyler was laid-off from ATK. That was a tough challenge but we were dealing with it. Then in early July Tyler went jogging one morning and afterwards developed stomach pain. The pain continued for a couple of days and so we went to have it checked out. Initially we thought it was likely an infectious problem and things improved quickly with antibiotics. After a 3 day hospital stay, the pain resolved and we came home and things returned to normal. We went to Island Park camping with Ty's family for a week and weren't too worried about things Then came the dreaded colonoscopy and it certainly wasn't the news we expected. Colon cancer. How does a 30 year old get colon cancer? The doctors are all scratching their heads because it is so rare in that age group. They are wondering if there might be a genetic link but there is no significant family history of cancer. I suppose it is just one of life's curve balls. Tomorrow we take the first step - surgery. The doctors have told us to expect a 4 week recovery period after the surgery and then Tyler will start chemotherapy if it is indicated. The good news from last week is that the CT scans all looked clear - no signs of metatastasis and the oncologist tells us that there should be a good prognosis. We will know a lot more after tomorrow's surgery. We have good doctors providing the medical care and with the support of our families and friends we will make it through this.