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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good News!

Well we have good news to report, blood tests show the cancer marker number is dropping fast. It is down to 10 from 33 after the surgery. Tyler also had a PET scan on monday and the news from that was also good. The scan didn't show any cancer cells, which is also good. We are working on finding a surgeon to try and take out the rest of the cancer cells on the abdominal wall. Things are looking really good right now as Ty is winning the battle against cancer. Even though things are looking better, we are by no means out of the woods yet. This is only a sign of progress and not an end to the road as chemo will continue throughout the winter.

On another note, their are several fundraisers set for Nov 20th. The first event is the 5k/fun run set for 8:00 with registration online at conqueringcoloncancer.weebly.com or at 7:30 at Jeannie Stevens Sports park in Tremonton. At 1:00 there will be an auction/raffle at Marble Park in Bothwell, followed by a dinner at 5:00, and the concert at 7:00. All events are family oriented and geared towards the family environment. We would like to encourage everyone to come and attend these events. Thanks to everyone for participating and helping with everything. Still the most important thing for us is your thoughts and prayers.

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